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My New Corgi Puppy Helping Mow My Lawn

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I recently got a Corgi puppy, and she is so spunky and full of life. It's been so great having a dog around, since mine passed away six months ago. I didn't think I'd ever be able to get another one because I was so devastated. My mom talked me into it finally, and I'm glad she did.

I just call her 'my little rascal' for now, but I guess I should get to a permanent name soon. Every time I mow the lawn with my electric lawn mower, she loves rolling around in the freshly cut grass. It's so cute and it makes me happy to watch her.

I can't let her out until I'm done though because she tries to bite the cord I have to use. After I put everything away, she runs around and I toss things for her to run after and catch. This is going to be another great pet relationship, I can tell!

Learning How To Climb

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Just when they couldn't get any cuter... I found this video by Animal Planet, showing us Corgi puppies learning how to climb. This is too much for any heart to take :) Good day!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed

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Well known for their avid competitiveness in many sports, Pembroke is a low-set and sturdy built dog breed. Ranked number eleven in Stanley Coren’s ''The Intelligence of Dogs'', this is one of the best and most popular breeds of dogs.



The origin of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dates back to 1107 AD. It is believed that when the Vikings and Flemish weavers were travelling to reside in Whales, they brought the dogs with them. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the oldest of the two breeds and is believed to have been used to develop Pembroke in Whales, Pembrokeshire. The Cardigan and the Pembrokeshire were interbred and were considered to be the same breed. However, in 1943, a show judge separated them into two different breeds after seeing that they were very different. After the separation, Pembroke became more popular and was even the first to be recognized by the ACK in 1935.



Low to the ground, sturdy, and very strong,  Pembrokes posses a much shorter body. Their ears are pointed at the tip and stand erect. They posses short, weatherproof coats with a color that changes from rich red or fawn to either black or sable with white marks. Although they reach their full size about a year after birth, some will keep growing until they are two or three years old. A fully grown Pembroke is about 10 to 12 inches tall and weighs 23 to 28 pounds. 



Pembrokes are very intelligent and are known for having a happy and loving nature. Although they have a stubborn streak at times, they like to please their owner and it is very easy to train them. Due to their love for eating, food is always a great motivator in their training. Since they are very suspicious of strangers and will bark when they feel someone is threatening their home, they also make good watch dogs.


Because of their high activity and metabolic rate, Pembrokes like to eat and may over indulge if not watched. The recommended daily food is three quarters  to one and a half cups of high quality dry food. It is advisable to divide this into two meals and feed them twice a day instead of leaving the food out all the time. 

Living Conditions

Pembrokes are very easy at adapting to life in the country or the city. As long as they are given sufficient exercise, they will do well in an apartment. They can also do well in most climates regardless of their weather resistant coats. 


Pembrokes were bred to be herding dogs and are very active athletic and fast. Since they are naturally active, they should be encouraged to remain active by taking them out daily for a long walk. Since they have short legs and long backs, they should not be made to hop up or down  for any height since they can get fractures. Pembrokes are very friendly and people oriented, so you don't need to always leave them in the backyard alone. They have a very high affinity for children and are eager to learn. They have herding instincts and may sometimes nip at feet and ankles, so children should be taught how to approach and touch them. Just like all dogs, Pembrokes should be exposed to different people and experiences earlier to ensure they grow up well rounded.

How can you not love Corgis:

This Corgi looks so content! Makes me want to read a check out inflatable kayak reviews and take my own boy out. Or maybe, forget this! Time to grab my good ol' Sevylor inflatable kayak and go enjoy nature. . We hope you've enjoyed this article, we have quite a few coming up!

Adopting A Corgi

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Have you decided you want to adopt a dog, and you definitely want it to be a Corgi? Well, there are things you should know first before you adopt, as is true with any certain breed of dog. Some dogs are good with certain situations, while others are not exactly suited for those same conditions. will give you valuable information about Corgis, like if they are good with kids, grooming, their behavior,  what they need to be happy, etc. Learning how to best care for any dog is essential to their happiness and yours.

4 Corigs Who Love Water Sports?

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Ahem. Cough Cough. We love corgis and we know that YOU love corgis..... but have you seen corgis in kayaks & canoes!?!!! Enjoying water sports? Following, you can start the day off happy by letting their infectious, high-on-life attitudes. Here we gooooooooooooooo:


Can you resist the the smile on this Corgi's face?! It's as if he was meant for the water!


Corgi buddies kayaking away!  Yeehaw, now that's what friendship is all about!


Dora the Explorer?  Naw! Corgi the Explorer!


Interested in kayaking with your pup?  Check out Killer Kayaks for all kinds of kayaking needs!

All About Corgis

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Here is a video that breaks down the two different corgis and their personalities and behaviors, if you are thinking of getting one. They're super adorable, playful and small, so if that's what you like, they would be the perfect dog!

Thinking Of Getting A Corgi?

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After this video, you may very well not have a choice! These dogs originated in Wales and there are two breeds of them. They are so cute and playful! Your heart will melt after watching this!