My Emergency Visit To The Vet

I'm the proud owner of Benjy, a three year old Corgi. He came to our house on a rainy night in December and we gave him a home because he was lost and no one in the neighborhood claimed him as their own. He was sick at the time, so we've been in touch with our veterinarian ever since. Benjy is a really loving dog, but he has an issue with taking food from the garbage and the fridge. Yes, he has been opening the fridge lately!

We had to take him to the vet yesterday because he ate some pizza slices that had been in the fridge for a week or more. He was vomiting all over the kitchen and whimpering. We took him to the vet and he was given something to ease his upset tummy. The doctor said it would pass and we'd just have to wait it out with meds and some good food.



I remember when Benjy got very ill two years ago because of a canned food. We later realized that the product expired several months before that. It was very bad to see, but thanks to our great vet, Benjy got well and he was able to recover. We are very happy with our veterinarian in Coronado Cays, because we think of Benjy as a member of our family, just the same as the human members. Thank God we can count on our trusted vet, she is a blessing.

Benjy is a really happy dog, but his stomach issues have always been a concern. We've been worried because we can't control his appetite and he is always around the kitchen, looking for anything he can put in his mouth. The doctor strongly recommended keeping an eye on Benjy at every moment, or putting up something to block his access to the kitchen. So that's exactly what we are going to do, because we simply can't watch him all day.



Although Benjy is still recovering, he can still go for small walks and the kids have to brush his hair with a special soft comb, because his hair is shedding. We got vitamins for him and he is in most ways, healthy. In general, he's a great dog and is really nice and sweet with the kids. He walks with me to the grocery store and usually likes to visit the park on the way back home.

After this episode, we thought he would need more special care, but he was okay and we advised the kids not to feed him with certain things. We get him special treats, meats and he loves a few kinds of vegetables. We are about to get Benjy a "girlfriend", not only for companionship, but because we would love to have a whole family of corgis, one for each kid. Benjy is now at my feet, resting and feeling well, thanks to the vet, because of her caring attention and recommendations.